Native Texan living most of my childhood and adult life in the Gulf Coast backwaters from Galveston to South Padre Island. My passion for fishing grew from conventional gear to fly in the last 12 years allowing me to focus on the hunt rather than the limit. My charter business started with goals of providing experiences for those with special need with today's focus on sight casting for enthusiasts tactfully delivering fly's on unsuspecting shallow water dwellers. In 2018 my wife and I relocated New Orleans to fish vast Mississippi delta marsh of South Louisiana.  

Charter Expectations:

- Highest Level of Safety

- Sight Cast Opportunities

- Backwater adventures

- Learning Experience

- Camaraderie

- Relationships

- Sights

- New Orleans

Equipment Needed:

1) 6 - 10 Wt Fly Rod/Reel

2) Sun Protection

    - Hat

    - SPF Lotion (no spray)

    - Polarized Sunglasses

4) Weather dependent attire

5) Food and Drinks


Boat Description:

2019 East Cape Vantage VHP

Length - 19'2"

Width - 79"

Draft - Less than 11"

Casting Platform - 12"

Power - 115hp Mercury Pro XS

2017 East Cape Lostmen

Length - 18'1"

Width - 72"

Draft - Less than 5"

Power - 50hp Tohatsu

Casting Platform - 30"

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Licenses and Permits:

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